Investing in our community

Michelle has been a strong advocate for funding for local community infrastructure.

Since elected, Michelle has successfully advocated for funding that has benefited community centres in Edgemont, North Haven, Huntington Hills, and Thorncliffe. She has also seen investment for recreation and community space for Vivo which services many communities in north-central Calgary including Panorama and Country Hills.

Michelle worked very hard to recieve funding for the Calgary Green LRT Line. Michelle, along with many in our community, was stunned when the City of Calgary announced the reduced scope of the Green Line. The completion of this project to the ridership in north Calgary remains a top infrastructure priority of our community. Michelle will continue to advocate for projects like the Green Line and support for north-central Calgary.

Michelle sent a survey to over 35,000 households in her riding asking residents to rank the infrastructure priorities for north-central Calgary. The result of the survey ranking was:

#1—Green Line LRT (“Phase 2” to the north) 

#2– Road and overpass infrastructure #3—Urgent care/healthcare facilities #4—Vivo Expansion 

#5—North Central High school 

#6—Community meeting space 

#7—Settlement services for new Canadians

#8– Flood mitigation projects 

#9—Cultural gathering & meeting space

Michelle has been working with community associations, local stakeholders and other elected officials to advocate for support for these projects. It is Michelle's hope that elected representatives from all levels of government can work together to make strategic investments in the projects listed above. Michelle is committed to advocating for funding at the federal level, in the context of returning to a balanced budget and lowered taxes, for these projects.

Her track record of success in supporting investment for our community speaks for itself.