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Creating the National Energy Corridor Project

Calgarians need a government that will fight for our energy sector. Our Party has announced that a Conservative government will create a National Energy Corridor to carry Canadian energy and resources from coast to coast.

This project will generate economic and social benefits for the entire country by moving oil, gas, hydroelectricity, telecommunications, and potentially accommodating other linear infrastructure.

In addition to creating a National Energy Corridor, a new Conservative government will realize the potential of Canada’s energy sector by:

o repealing the carbon tax
o repealing Bill C-69
o ending the ban on shipping traffic in British Columbia
o ensuring that the Trans Mountain Expansion is built
o establishing clear timelines for regulatory approvals and ensuring
Indigenous consultations take place up front and right away
o banning foreign funded advocacy groups from using the approvals
process to block important projects in the energy sector
o and asserting federal jurisdiction when necessary.

Michelle has a strong track-record of standing up for energy workers and their families. Click here to learn more.