Jobs & Economy

Michelle has been fighting for common sense policies that will help create jobs in our community and grow our economy.

In Our Community

Michelle has hosted several Career Services events in her riding which are focused on connecting individuals seeking employment with services and organizations in Calgary who can assist with their job search. Hundreds of individuals from our community have taken part in these events.

Supporting Small Businesses

Michelle has also been a strong advocate for small business in our community. Michelle knows that small businesses, when allowed to thrive, help create well paying jobs and grow our local economy.

That is why Michelle sponsored a petition, (E-1239) which received over 44,000 signatures, calling on the Liberal government to reverse its decision to recklessly increase taxes on small businesses. Michelle also hosted a Town Hall meeting with hundreds of individuals from our community to discuss the proposed changes. As a result of Michelle's efforts and the outcry from thousands of Canadians Justin Trudeau reversed some of the changes he had proposed. Michelle will continue to fight for job creators in our community.

Michelle understands the risks, sacrifices, and contributions to the Canadian economy that small business owners make. Small business owners are not entitled to sick days, paid maternity leave, lucrative pensions or other financial security measures afforded to other Canadian employees. They take these risks and make sacrifices for their families, and their businesses, in the hope that they will get a bit ahead.

Increased taxes, at all levels of government, have led to many small business owners having to cut back on jobs and, in some cases, close all together. Michelle believes that in order for Canadian businesses to be competitive and create jobs we must lower taxes, reduce red tape and allow everyone the same opportunity for success.

Growing the Alberta Economy

In response to the jobs crisis in Alberta Michelle and her colleagues launch the Alberta Jobs Taskforce. Conservative MPs met with thousands of individuals, business owners, and other stakeholders to gather their suggestions and policy ideas for how to create jobs and grow the economy.

In a detailed report to the Liberal government, Conservatives, including Michelle, provided the government with a list of tangible policy suggestions that could be implemented immediately to support Alberta workers and their families. Click here to read the report.

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Michelle and her Conservative colleagues in Alberta have been working hard on behalf of unemployed and underemployed Albertans and their families. That's why they launched the Alberta Jobs Taskforce. Click here to read the report Michelle sent to the Liberal government.

Read the report