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Making Your Life More Affordable


 Michelle lives in and cares about our community. That's why Michelle and the Conservatives have plan to make your life more affordable. 

More money in the pockets of seniors


Michelle and the Conservative Party support Canada's seniors and want to help them get ahead by putting more money back in their pockets.

A real plan to protect the environment


 Michelle and the Conservative Party care about Canada's environment. They have a real plan for this issue. 

Fixing Canada's Immigration System


 Michelle has been working hard to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for breaking Canada's Immigration system. She has been presenting real alternatives and getting results. 

Supporting Small Business and job creation


Conservatives know that small businesses create jobs and help drive our economy. We have a real plan to support small businesses in our community.  

Creating a National Energy Corridor


Michelle and the Conservatives support energy workers and their families. That is why we have a real plan to build pipelines and create jobs.