Fighting for Energy workers and pipelines

MP Rempel has been fighting for energy workers, their families and all Albertans since being elected. Her track record speaks for itself. 

Specifically MP Rempel has:

  • Sponsored a petition (E-1509) calling on the government to use section 92(10)(c) of the Constitution Act to declare this project in the national interest of Canada, 
  • Voted in favor of a motion put forward by Conservatives in the House of Commons in support of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (which was passed), 
  • Hosted Andrew Scheer and other M.P.s in Calgary to meet with energy workers, their families, and industry leaders to discuss the importance of the energy sector, 
  • Asked numerous questions in the House of Commons about this issue and; 
  • Spoken out publicly in the media and at rallies in support of the energy sector and this project. 

Michelle has also launched an official Parliamentary Petition, which is calling on the federal government to immediately deal with the unfairness of the equalization formula. This means treating provinces like Alberta, who generate wealth and create jobs through the development of our energy resources, the same as provinces that choose to leave their resources in the ground and instead rely on government transfers. Michelle believes that this is simply not fair. She has also repeatedly called on the government to immediately cancel Bill C-69. 

Michelle has also regularly spoken out about these issues and you can view her most recent videos here:

Here is a video of MP Rempel reacting to Kinder Morgan suspending funding for the pipeline.

Here is a video of MP Michelle Rempel holding the Liberals to account and demanding action on the BC/Alberta Trans Mountain Pipeline dispute.

Here is a video of MP Michelle Rempel and MLA Prasad Panda discussing the petition to declare the construction of the pipeline a benefit to all Canadians. This petition is now closed. 

Here is a video of MP Michelle Rempel speaking at a rally in support of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

MP Rempel and Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer were in Calgary, AB fighting for energy sector jobs. They hosted a round table with energy workers and their families about how they are being impacted by this issue. They also sat down with stakeholders and energy leaders to discuss a clear and positive vision for the energy sector moving forward.

Here is a video of MP Michelle Rempel, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer discussing their visit.

Here is a video of Michelle discussing Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s visit to Calgary’s investment community.

Here is a video of Michelle fighting for taxpayers at a Trans Mountain Pipeline Rally.

See the following video of MP Rempel discussing the Trans Mountain pipeline bailout being $1.9 billion over budget.

Here is a video of Michelle discussing the Federal Court of Appeal decision, halting the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline here.

You can also read MP Rempel’s comments on this issue here  

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